Frequently asked QUESTIONS


Do I need to be 100% Whole Foods Plant Based throughout the entire program?

You do not. We recommend your trying to eat as many nutritious whole foods as you can. Each person needs to make the best decision that makes the most sense for themselves. We will support you to whatever degree of WFPB that you choose. Ultimately, this is about progress. Not perfection. 

Can I exercise during this program?

We feel that the most important part of a person’s health is related to the fuel (diet) that she eats. For ultimate health, you must get the diet right. You cannot out run or out exercise a poor diet. Focus should be on the diet (WFPB Lifestyle) first. When you begin your transition into WFPB eating we recommend maintaining the same level of exercise that you are currently doing. If you are not exercising, please do not start until you have transitioned appropriately towards a diet of WFPB. This could take 4-8 weeks. In the beginning of the transition, much of this change will take intentionality, focus and effort. 

What are some quick plant based snacks to hold over my appetite between meals?

Fruits are excellent. Eat as many as you would like. Please see also the recipes section of this website for Taquitos by Plant Based Gabriel. These have been fantastic!

Do your clients weigh or measure their food?

No. Our clients are not weighing or measuring anything. We ask them to eat as much as they want (portions do not matter) of non-starchy vegetables, Fruits, Potatoes, Brown Rice, Beans, Legumes and Whole Grains. We ask them to eat when they are hungry and eat until they are full.

Is buying organic fruits and vegetables more healthy than regular fruits and vegetables?

We recommend buying as many organic fruits and vegetables as possible however, if organic items are not readily available, or they are too prices, feel free to purchase regular fruits and vegetables as these are very healthy as well.

How would one go to a WFPB lifestyle?

The three things that we recommend are: 1) Educate yourself. Do research on what it is and if this is something that you feel would help you to be healthier. We feel that this is the healthiest diet on the planet. There are many resources available for you. Here are a couple of links How Not To Die and The China Study  of two informative books 2) Plan- WFPB is not typically something that you decide you would like to move towards and then the next day switch. Depending on the degree of your switch, some planning/organization will be is needed. Based on our experience with our clients, this is something that we can help you with 3) Execute – Begin making the switch and learn and get better over time. This is not about perfection. This is about progress. You can ease into it or you can jump 100% into it. It is what makes the most sense to you.

Does it cost more to be healthy and eat WFPB?

It can but doesn’t have to. We have many tips and tricks to help with the cost, convenience and shelf life of your food.

What health benefits can I expect from going from a SAD (Standard American Diet) to WFPB?

There are several. WFPB is the only diet that has been proven to prevent, stop and even reverse heart disease. Some other benefits that have been observed in our clients are: Skin complexion so much better, weight loss, better energy, more regular, reversal of diabetes, better sleep and less joint pain.

Does it take longer to cook a plant-based meal? 

It can but doesn’t have to. We have a number of recipes that are fast, easy, inexpensive and tasty!

Where do I find plant-based recipes?

There are thousands on line. Google: Whole Foods Plant Based Recipes to see several of them. We have also included some on the link in this website. We can also work with you to help you find recipes that have foods that you especially like to eat.

What about  Cheat Meals?

Yes! One of the reasons that this program works for most people is the cheat meals. These are either planned or unplanned.  Most of the meals eaten will be 100% WFPB. With that, a meal off plan in the scheme of things is not that big of a deal. There is no emotional dismay. ‘Next Bite Healthy’ is our mantra.

What kitchen tools will I need to eat this way?

It could be as simple as a can opener, a pot for cooking soups/stews and a skillet. You can also spend a small amount of money and get a crock pot, Instant Pot, blender and food processor. These are all nice options but are not needed.

Before I get started on the program, what should I do?

The initial stage is preparing for the program. One of our coaches can help you with that. We also recommend that you take your initial numbers and before pics (for your eyes only). Initial numbers could be weight, waist measurement, cholesterol, A1C, Triglycerides

How much does this 8-week program cost?

There is no charge for this program. The mission of WLS Coaching is to help people to become as healthy as possible.

How will I know what to eat?

This ‘"What am I supposed to eat?" has been one of the biggest concerns of many of our clients.  We can help with recipes, tips, tricks and helpful hints which will be provided to all our clients in their pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. 

I am interested but would like to learn more before I commit to the 8-week program. 

Where do I learn more?

Please email one of our coaches at the Contact Us Link below and someone will get back with you to discuss and questions or concerns that you have. 


Coach Mike with Grace Ann
Coach Mike with Grace Ann