WLS Coaching Program



This  is  a free 8  week program for anyone interested in pursuing a Whole Foods Plant Based lifestyle.   Individuals can choose what aspects of the program that they  prefer

Teams For 8 Weeks

Community is very important.  Each client will be on a team for  the  duration  of  the  8  weeks.  They will also have a buddy 

Weekly 1:1 Coaching

Each  week  you will  select  a  30  or  60  minute  coaching  session  with  one of  our coaches

Recipe Support

You  will   be given  access  to many  recipes  to  help  you  on your path to healthy eating 


Lifestyle Guidance


Choices  Choices  Choices  

Recipe and Food Support


One of the biggest challenges our clients have after they decide to pursue and Whole Foods plant based lifestyle is “what am I going to eat?”.  We help with recipes, food choices and planning tips

Active Coaching

You will receive 8 weeks of coaching/support to help you obtain your best health

You will receive weekly 30-60 minute coaching sessions to help you obtain better health

St joseph presentation handout

Download the 17 page document handed out during the presentation at St. Josephs The Worker on Oct 17th regarding HOW TOs with plant based eating.

Handout 17 pages for HOW TO Plant Based (pdf)


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WLS Coaching

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Health in America

The WHY With Plant Based Eating

"How To" With Plant Based Eating

This is the HOW - information presented by Mike

Info about the Free wls -Coaching Program

Feel free to reach out to me with questions      217-761-4489